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Simi Valley police arrest three men for delivering heroin in Ventura County

Published On: 02-12-2018 in Category: Heroin

Simi Valley police arrest three men for delivering heroin in Ventura County

Simi Valley Police Department (SVPD) officers recently arrested three men on charges of operating a heroin ring out of Los Angeles County. Following two fatal heroin overdose cases in Simi Valley in September 2017, authorities busted the heroin-delivery ring engaged in distributing the drug in eastern Ventura County. According to officials, most of ring members carried out their transactions over the phone while delivering drugs at the street level in the Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Moorpark areas.

During the course of investigation, police managed to trace the telephone number of the heroin dispatch service. Using undercover officers to call the number, investigators confirmed the presence of a heroin ring. According to the police, prospective clients would call the number and place their order. Heroin packets would then be delivered to the clients at a specified place.

When an overdose case in the area was reported in October 2017, authorities managed to make another connection with the ring members. After a few months of investigation, SVPD officers arrested 28-year-old Daniel Anselmo Rios Delgado of Fullerton, 35-year-old Rosario Teran Vargas of Simi Valley and 29-year-old Yoelmmi Franco Sandoval of Fullerton on charges of criminal conspiracy, and heroin trafficking and distribution. Authorities also seized 32 grams of heroin and $4,000 in cash. Rios Delgado’s bail was set at $20,000, while Teran Vargas’s was set at $50,000, and Sandoval’s at $20,000.

According to experts, Mexican and Colombian heroin dominate the lucrative drug market in the U.S. Drug trafficking organizations nationwide have taken to technology to explore new markets to reach out to a variety of end-users and patrons: curious high school goers, university students, professors and white-collar workers.

Heroin addiction on the rise nationwide

Mexican drug cartels smuggle phenomenal quantities of heroin into the U.S. through the southern border. Once the drugs enter U.S. territory, traffickers employ criminal gangs to distribute their cheap and increasingly powerful heroin nationwide on the lines of a legitimate company. This has been their way of functioning for decades and there seems to be no end.

Experts attribute the dramatic surge in fatal overdoses to the widespread abuse of prescription opioids. Over time, chronic opioid users turned to heroin as an alternative. Research indicates that low costs and easy availability are the reasons why many opioid users in the U.S. have taken to heroin, the chemically identical street cousin of opioids. Heroin overdose is killing Americans across sections of society. The drug is now not limited to the shanty low-income neighborhoods. Rather, it is prevalent everywhere, including suburbs and affluent areas causing a surge in overdose cases in recent years. According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about 475,000 people aged 12 or older were current heroin users in that year.

Going drug-free is possible

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