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Thousand Oaks City Council seeks residents’ inputs on marijuana policy

Published On: 05-01-2017 in Category: Addiction, Marijuana, Substance Abuse

Lately, in March 2017, Thousand Oaks City Council held a workshop seeking public opinion if the council should amend its policy prohibiting commercial marijuana operation within city limits. In the workshop, residents who were pro-cannabis outnumbered those who were not in favor of the drug.

The current bans on operations concerning the medical and recreational use of cannabis were imposed as a result of the recent California laws that mandated a state-controlled procedure to govern the entire commercial cannabis operations spanning from cultivation to end use. Therefore, cities have the authority to ban such businesses within their boundaries, and any license to be issued by the state will hence require local approval.

The majority of the participants at the Thousand Oaks workshop supported commercial marijuana establishments in the city, particularly those dedicated to medical marijuana patients. A former drug addict residing in Thousand Oaks pressed the city council to permit outdoor cultivation of marijuana instead of pushing residents to purchase special equipment to grow marijuana indoors, which led to excessive consumption of electricity. Actually, as per Proposition 64, cities have the right to prohibit outdoor cultivation of cannabis, which Thousand Oaks has accomplished.

However, a few participants opposed the commercial cannabis operations in the city, citing that most of the businesses are run by outsiders and not by locals who are pro-marijuana. Twenty years prior to the passage of Proposition 64, the California State’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996 permitted the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering a serious health condition or with a doctor’s recommendation.

Marijuana abuse: Major problem in Ventura County

Just like any other place in California, marijuana is a largely abused drug in Ventura County, second only to alcohol, especially among teens and young adults. Some studies suggest that early exposure to cannabinoids, just like alcohol and nicotine, could alter the brain’s reward system by creating a dopamine rush, which may tune the brain for a heightened response to other drugs. Moreover, there is a possibility that easy access to marijuana may induce users to experiment with other types of hard drugs.

Research shows that cannabis is a highly-addictive substance whose prolonged use can have an adverse impact on several body and brain functions. Besides, it is also known to affect one’s social life as well as career making it impossible for those in the depths of addiction to break free from the clutches of the drug. The nationwide surge in marijuana addiction rates can be attributed to the ever-growing ease of availability, perceived absence of harm and the wide social acceptance of the drug.

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